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About Wisereach

We help you adapt your organisation by connecting business and technology. Our experienced teams use their passion and experience to resolve complex issues and help you transform your business.

  • Experienced at getting things done

    Making change happen against the odds is at the heart of what we do

    We work in partnership with organisations that have to respond to the challenges brought about by a fast-moving digital landscape, and need to get things done quickly, with no fuss.

    In the last few years, the pandemic, the opportunity and threat of AI, global instability and uncertainty has meant that it’s never been more important for organisations to be able to react and adapt to these challenges, and technology is more often than not at the core of any change.

    Through our many years of experience, we recognise that change is never just a technology problem. Our business and technology change managers, process change experts, coaches, data scientists and data analysts, consistently deliver exceptional results. Our clients have learnt to trust and rely on our collaborative approach, proven leadership abilities and honest, un-biased advice.

    We operate across banking, mobile, telecoms, government and the public sector; on projects ranging from large-scale programme design and complex multi-team portfolios, to single Agile team performance, AI experimentation and business process improvement – often combining and facilitating all of these in one place! Passionate about our work, we only offer our help when we know we can add real value. Your success is our priority.

    If you've got a challenging piece of work you need to be sure is delivered then contact us for an informal chat to see if we can help.

  • We take the lead

    We assess the situations, work out what needs to be done and most importantly make sure it happens. We believe that the energy we bring is contagious and rubs-off on teams around us.

    We bring fresh ideas

    By working with a variety of clients and different situations, we can bring new ways of thinking into a stale environment. We like to adapt and use the latest ideas, like Agile methods, but without becoming a slave to the latest fad.

    We are bold, open and straightforward

    Clear communication between multiple stakeholders is often at the heart of what we do best. We’re not afraid to say it like it is and give viable options on what to do next. We don’t hide behind technical jargon or produce thick reports that no-one needs.

    We love creating high performance teams

    Our people get a buzz from working with good people and in a positive, achievement-oriented atmosphere. It’s part of our job to generate that buzz.

    We make work enjoyable

    Working in a creative high-performing team should be fun in itself, but we go to the effort of making sure that it is enjoyable by encouraging good humour in a relaxed but professional atmosphere.

Meet the Leadership Team

Experience counts when leading change

John Prideaux


Pete Weare


Meet our Teams

We take the best experienced individuals and build specialist teams around your needs

AI Discovery Team

AI Experts

AI Delivery Team

Leadership, Data Scientists, Tech Experts

Change Team

Business, Technology and Delivery Specialists

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Transformation Team

Coaching your people through change

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