Focusing on value creation

Large projects and programmes are designed to create long term value - big ships moving in the night. But it is difficult to predict long-term value in a fast-changing market. Customers demand more. They voice their opinion often. Organisations who react quickly keep and win more customers. In an unpredictable world, value is the guiding light that will keep your products on the right path.

We help teams shift their thinking to:

Small increments

Focus on small value steps. Product roadmaps need to realise value fast and incrementally - not in big, risky releases.

Removing blocks

An organisation shifting to value focus will have processes and organisation structures that do not match. Find those big problems and fix them.

Gathering facts

Fast decision making needs to be fact based. Create the capability to collect the right data quickly to inform your next move.

Constant feedback

Build customer feedback loops deep into your process. Your whole product team needs to feel the customer experience to improve it.

Our experienced teams use their industry knowledge to work with you to understand the value metrics your teams need to focus on. We shift thinking from business case to value delivery and feedback. We bring the right tools, techniques and passion to help you make the difficult shift smoother.

Prioritise by value

Identify the small number of things that will create the most value now for the least effort and work on them relentlessly.  Realise the value before it's gone or grabbed by your competitor.

Be prepared to pivot

Startups know how to pivot to find the customer value. Are your teams able to change direction fast?  Enable them to chase the value not the plan.

Don't plan to do everything

Not everything delivers the value you think it might.  Start with gut feel, then use real data.  Over-planning is the biggest blocker to adaptability. Have a strong vision and focus your planning on near term value creation. 

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