Optimising Governance


Governance and controls are essential for all large organisations. The problem is that most governance models are created from a traditional, long term investment mindset. These models become challenging when trying to deliver change at pace. Don't let traditional governance slow you down.

We help you navigate through your challenges to remove the problem areas and make those changes stick. We typically focus on four key governance hot-spots:


Board room decisions

Focusing on fast, strategic decisions at board level. Setting goals and empowering teams to deliver value.

Financial approval

Moving away from stage-gate approval to incremental funding based on evidence of value delivery. 

Project controls

Moving from a project to a product view of delivery. Allowing teams to self manage and optimise.

Progress reporting

Focused reporting to support prioritisation, value delivery and investment success rather than time-based status updates.



We use a range of techniques to help optimise your governance model including value stream analysis, strategic prioritisation, flow analysis and portfolio planning all combined with leadership and team coaching.



Traditional approaches to governance are ill-suited to change progressing at pace

They tie budgets to a large fixed scope, require heavy upfront planning and resource allocation. Keeping up with the new pace of change requires lighter-weight processes and an adaptive mindset.

Traditional Governance



Dynamic governance
How to govern in a dynamic environment

Our lighter-weight approach to governance only needs four 'lenses' to plan and track  performance: Value Management to prioritise the work with the biggest positive impact; Work Management to coordinate fast delivery of prioritised work; Capacity Management to adapt teams and allocate the right “resources” to the prioritised work; Financial Management directs funds where they have the most impact.





Our governance specialists will complement your team with the latest insights and real-world delivery experience.

Our methods are flexible enough to work in your unique organisation with adaptable controls to provide the governance you need.

From innovation to detailed planning and communication. We have the toolkit that helps you govern effectively.


Contact us to find out how we can help you optimise your governance to support an adaptive business.