expert advisor

Expert Advisor

When you need an expert assessment our specialists have the right experience and knowledge to provide you with quick and confident advice. We can tailor assessments to meet your specific needs, but we have tried-and-tested methods for the most frequent requests, including:

Project and programme health-checks

We use a structured approach based on the OGC framework to provide a snap-shot view of a project or programme's health. We use our extensive and industry-wide experience to make recommendations for areas of improvement aided by a clear, tried-and-tested reporting style. Health-checks are usually completed within five to ten days, and comprise three stages: document review; face-to-face interviews; playback of findings.

Service management assessments

Using the ITIL framework, we provide an assessment against the 26 ITIL processes within Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continuous Improvement.

Agile skills assessment

Through our experiences of creating and managing high performance business and technical teams using Agile methods, we have developed a unique questionaire and scoring model for assessing an 'Agile' team's (business and IT) maturity. The tool has been used to reveal underlying root causes that were contrary to management perception - such as a skilled and agile-enabled team being rendered ineffective by flawed governance and process. In other cases we have found the business teams to be more advanced in their understanding of Agile methods than the IT delivery teams.

Technical suitability assessments

Our structured technical assessment process enables us to quickly determine a platform or product's suitabilty to an organisation's needs. We assess a number of criteria including scalability, functional fit, cost-of-ownership, maintainabilty and adaptability. We provide our findings in plain, non-technical (as far as that is possible) language and style, for the purpose of being able to make decisive management decisions based on our findings.