Instilling the right culture


In the digital age people not technology are your biggest asset. You need your best thinkers in-house, not outsourced to a supplier. Teams of different disciplines work together applying their knowledge to create exceptional products. But  knowledge workers think differently.

Our work with teams on this journey highlights a number of common themes: 



Your team are driven by example. Show them you are a forward thinker. Show your organisation wants to embrace new ideas. Show them it's ok to test and learn to grow.


Command and control has no place in  modern business. To move fast, teams need to understand their market and be empowered to make their own decisions.


Creating communities is the best way to share knowledge and react fast. People are more important than process.  Knowledge sharing is more important than secrecy.


Trust reduces process and overhead. Build an environment of trust and respect. Treat people as assets. Don't make them stay, make them not want to leave.



We work with you and your teams to build a culture that embraces change. We use our experience to  find the things that work for you. We facilitate your people to make change happen themselves. It's the only way to make it stick.



Organise around value

Functional teams don't deliver quickly. They get locked by dependencies and can't flex. Re-organise around value and watch your teams deliver quicker with more ownership and understanding of features that  delight customers.

cross functional team



experiment innovate
Experiment to Innovate

Most problems blocking progress are internal. You'll fix them by innovating from within. Encourage teams to take an iterative, experimental approach to problem solving. It's the best way we've found to build a culture of continuous learning.




Rethink how you plan

Planning used to be confined to project tools. Modern planning is all about collaboration. Bring  business and technology together to agree high level scope and set direction. Smooth out dependencies using people not process.

horizon planning



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