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Getting Your Technology Right Golden Rule 1: Ask the supplier to prove the technology works

If the supplier can’t show you the same technology working at another client, then you need to be careful about what you are committing to. It may sound like a small upgrade, but IT systems invariably take much longer to stabalise than anyone predicts. You need to avoid turning into the supplier's test environment.

Requirements Management Golden Rule 1: Write down analysed requirements, not what people said

Always write down the requirements in a way that you know can be delivered (don’t cut and paste from any old document) and play back 1 by 1 to the business and explain how they will be delivered – write that down as well!

IT Supplier Management Golden Rule 1: Provide leadership from the top

Significant projects and programmes involving external suppliers will only deliver if there is top level sponsorship within the organisation. Overall responsibility for delivery must be allocated to a single senior accountable individual. Public sector projects have the concept of a Senior Responsible Owner (SRO), it is good practice for an equivalent to be appointed within a private sector project/programme. One of the commonest causes of private sector project failure is lack of accountability at senior level.

Project Planning and Estimating Golden Rule 1: Don’t go into too much detail

Planning is critical – but if you plan an IT project to too much detail you’ll spend most of your time managing the plan instead of managing the project. You need to find the right level of plan that ensures you are on top of the project and your team understands what they have to do when.

Effective Teams Golden Rule 1: Start off on the right foot

Many teams are not effective as they are merely a bunch of people with individual skills brought together. If all of your team don’t have the same understanding of where your project is going from the start, they’ll remain as individuals just working in the same room. Make sure your team has a common understanding of what the project is doing and how their contribution will help get there.

Business Engagement Golden Rule 1: Engage with the unsung heros – the real users

Primary Stakeholders are usually individuals who represent an area or department such as HR or Marketing. Although they may be influential they may not be aware of the practical problems that are being tackled and overcome on a daily basis by the ‘coal-face’ staff. Battle your way through to get access to those unsung heros.

Wisereach has been a member of the DSDM consortium (the industry standard for Agile Delivery) since 2006. We help our clients deliver IT solutions using Agile techniques, and importantly, wrap the necessary project controls and governance around the Agile 'core'.

Our Agile framework Launchpad provides clients with an Agile delivery model tailored to their needs including governance, method and organisation design.

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