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Whether we like it or not Social Media is wheedling its way into our personal and working life. Organisations are encouraged to embrace, exploit it, and even replicate it in internal collaboration projects; HR is struggling to keep up with it. Here are five good reasons why you need to establish a social media policy.

We hear much talk about Agile and agile techniques, but how much is it practiced in the real world? Is it still just a fad, another set of buzz-words, or can it really be taken as the right approach to software delivery.

In our final part of this focus on Lean, we examine Lean Daily Management which has been described as the industrialisation of back office work, bringing approaches that are more usual in a factory to administrative tasks.

In the last article we looked at transforming an organisation using Lean and Lean Six Sigma projects. But getting energy into the project can often be difficult. This is where Lean Blitzes come in.

The principles and techniques that are described by Lean process improvement are undoubtedly powerful. The challenge lies in designing an implementation programme that will engage colleagues and deliver lasting benefits.

In this first of three articles, Jill looks at introducing Lean using a Lean Six Sigma project.

In the eighties and nineties a phrase was coined that summed up inertia in organizations attempting to design and implement business change. The phrase was ‘analysis paralysis’ and it came about following attempts to introduce standard methods and processes for designing systems.

The 2010 State of Agile survey results are now available from our knowledge base

The survey, sponsored by Versionone, included 5,000 participants from 90 countries sharing their agile experiences. There is no better way to see how others are working with Agile; the biggest challenges and the real benefits already acheived.

Download your free copy from here

Cloud computing is coming of age – it won’t be long before we’ll all be thinking how crazy it was to own and manage our own hardware platforms. Cloud computing plays to our ‘I want it now’ culture and provides us all with the flexibility to get the computing grunt we need when we need it.

Governance and change processes can often end up having the opposite affect to what was intended, stifling change, slowing projects down and increasing costs. But it always starts with the best intentions ...

There is no doubt that Solvency II is making a huge impact on the Insurance Market in terms of demand for specialist resources, system and data improvements and changes to capital requirements but just how well are the preparations for compliance progressing?

Sharepoint is steadily becoming the defacto standard collaboration tool in most organisations. And why not? It's a toolset targeted at collaboration and has many features designed to make the storage, management and access of all types of information easy. The base platform is even given away free by Microsoft if you are already using Exchange mail.

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