The world of recruitment works at a faster pace than ever before as applicants use mobile apps on the go. Recruiters understand the need for speed. Experience shows that the best people don’t hang around for long: they have good contacts and a great track record. The best talent moves quickly and clients know their value and hang on to them. The difficulty often lies in persuading the hirer of the urgency of the situation:

So you’ve trained up the team in Agile practices, sent your programme managers and architects on a scaled agile boot-camp and you’re ready to deliver your largest Agile programme.

Are you one of the many large organisations trying to get Agile to work but just can't seem to make it scale?

In our work we often have to help clients in recruiting for either project or operational resources. One thing that a consulting background has instilled in us is the need to recruit the person rather than recruit the skill.  But surely, a ‘good’ CV helps to identify a good candidate for a particular role? In fact our experience from helping to recruit many permanent and contract staff is quite the opposite. CVs that demonstrate a large list of very relevant skills often are not what they seem.

Personally, Christmas triggers a two month phase of buying online. This year was no exception apart from the fact nearly every gift I purchased was being delivered via Click+Collect. Christmas day in fact started with the opening of presents and then the now traditional reading of the 20 sales emails sitting in my inbox declaring that the "sale starts now!". As you could expect, I ordered a healthy amount of sales items from the likes of John Lewis, Hobbs, Debenhams and Monsoon, all Click+Collect!


Black Friday is an American tradition that UK retailers have jumped on this year. It’s a great new ‘event’ to create marketing buzz and get us spending on the high street and online.


But something went very wrong...


Incredibly, 50% of project management offices close within 3 years (Association for Project Management) and according to Gartner Project Manager 2014, since 2008, the correlated PMO implementation failure rate has been over 50%.

2014 provided us with a plethora of statistics and colourful diagrams explaining that Internet usage via the mobile phone was, as expected, on the rise. Proponents of the mobile website discussed its benefits and the popularity of responsive design, and how it cost less than developing dedicated apps. Google - with a 67% share of the browser market - announced that it would recommend responsive design configurations. Flurry Analytics - owned by Yahoo – stated, on the other hand, that native apps were increasing their domination of the mobile web, surpassing the direct smartphone web usage by a massive 68%.

You don't need to be a professional facilitator to carry a few colourful items in your briefcase that make your meetings and presentations more interactive and effective.

Here are just a few of the things our consultants carry in their Facilitator Kits:

I signed up to a well-known high-street loyalty scheme last week and amongst other things, I was asked to enter my date of birth. Well, like many consumers fed up with having to share my life facts with the world, I used my usual fake DOB (which also makes me feel younger) and is part of my standard online ‘cover’ – I love having multiple identities! It seems I’m not the only one...

Mike the Digital Retail Director congratulates the marketing team. And quite rightly so as they just had 1 million downloads of the new app. He knew mobile was the future of customer engagement and he's been proven right. Browsing is up, sales are up and he's got the budget needed for Phase 2.

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