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The Project or Programme Management Office (PMO) is there to support the smooth running of projects, communicate to management on progress and allow effective decisions to be made to mitigate against issues.

The PMO provides an essential service in an organisation running multiple projects, however, many often get caught up in their own processes and procedures and end up diverting projects from delivering through the need to meet PMO requirements.

The 2010 State of Agile survey results are now available from our knowledge base

The survey, sponsored by Versionone, included 5,000 participants from 90 countries sharing their agile experiences. There is no better way to see how others are working with Agile; the biggest challenges and the real benefits already acheived.

Download your free copy from here

Wider Agile project success involves resolving external project factors across your organisation.

Many organisations who have had individual project success with Agile try to expand the benefits across the organsiation - often with mixed results. Why is it that where isolated Agile projects succeed, moving towards wider adoption of the Agile delivery model hits difficulties?


With its foundations in the manufacturing industry, Lean thinking is now being used by many organisations to breathe new life into their business by looking at many of the activities that are carried out and asking: is everything we do really adding customer value? 

In a market dominated by tools built around waterfall methods VersionOne is a unique project management solution specifically designed to support the delivery of Agile projects end-to-end.


Our focus this year for the Agile Business Conference has been "Agility in adversity" - demonstrating that Agile really is the right choice for organisations in a time of change and unknown.

Wisereach is currently engaged in helping its clients embed and rollout Agile delivery methods across their organisations, helping them create competitive advantage and controlling costs.

We focus on helping to change the culture and behaviours in large corporations where the governance and finance models often hamper the introduction of more flexible and fast moving delivery models. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how an Agile approach can introduce efficiencies into your organisation.

If you were unable to attend our recent Breakfast Briefing on introducing Agile into your organisation you can download the briefing sides from here 

Requirements Management Golden Rule 1: Write down analysed requirements, not what people said

Always write down the requirements in a way that you know can be delivered (don’t cut and paste from any old document) and play back 1 by 1 to the business and explain how they will be delivered – write that down as well!

Wisereach has been a member of the DSDM consortium (the industry standard for Agile Delivery) since 2006. We help our clients deliver IT solutions using Agile techniques, and importantly, wrap the necessary project controls and governance around the Agile 'core'.

Our Agile framework Launchpad provides clients with an Agile delivery model tailored to their needs including governance, method and organisation design.

DSDM Consortium Licensed ResellerAgile Alliance Corporate Member

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