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Peter Weare

Industry leader in digital transformation. Passionate about delivering a frictionless consumer  experience. Regular commenter on getting delivery right.

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digital is not just technology

it is how technology is changing the conditions under which business is done

Transforming to digital? Success is all about attitude.


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The last training I had was a three-day negotiating skills course. It contained loads of really useful guidance and skills that I thought I could use in my job. But the reality was that 6 months later I had only used one or two of the techniques I learnt.

In my last article I shared some techniques for identifying and fixing problems that were getting in the way of your business agility. This is something every modern organisation needs to tackle if they want to remain competitive in our digital age.

In my last article I discussed the difficulties of introducing agile at scale using 'out of the box' frameworks; that it is a misconception that these frameworks will solve your agile scaling problems.


So are you trying to scale Agile? Join everyone else. And of course, vendors are queuing up to help you do it. Going for the SAFe Scaled Agile Framework? Or perhaps you’re implementing the Spotify Model or Large Scale Scrum (LeSS). There are plenty to choose from.


Yet another security breach hits the headlines. And boy this was a big one! Turns out that 1bn accounts were compromised in 2013. How Yahoo has kept this under the radar must be a feat of world-class information security management! So they must be getting something right. Or perhaps they just didn’t know? Yeah, right.

After a huge surge in their share price, Nintendo issued a profit warning today! Turns out they haven’t seen how to make their new sensation a commercial hit too. What an amazing missed opportunity. But, if Nintendo are not going to do it, let me tell you how you can.

Have you noticed everyone staring at their phones in an unusual way recently?  They aren't checking their Facebook posts any more, they're more likely playing   Pokemon Go! It's the latest game to hit everyone's smartphone - but this one is different.

Waitrose quick check smallI've been using Apple Pay on my iPhone for a while now.  I also use Waitrose Quick  Check.  But I've always thought it was crazy picking up a low powered scanner when I already had a powerful device in my hand - and I always dropped at least one of them!  Now Waitrose has launched a Quick Check App - but is it a good experience or just a fad? 

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