More classic software delivery mistakes that have stood the test of time!

The thing about really well-formed cunning mistakes is that they  keep being made over and over again. We are all familiar with the character in the horror film who time and time again ignores the obvious warning signs and edges closer towards greater danger. Why don't they run away! I have a few personal recurring mistakes, such as always thinking that there is plenty of time left to do the Christmas shopping, and forgetting to turn the thermostat down when toasting tea cakes!

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The world of recruitment works at a faster pace than ever before as applicants use mobile apps on the go. Recruiters understand the need for speed. Experience shows that the best people don’t hang around for long: they have good contacts and a great track record. The best talent moves quickly and clients know their value and hang on to them. The difficulty often lies in persuading the hirer of the urgency of the situation:

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Incredibly, 50% of project management offices close within 3 years (Association for Project Management) and according to Gartner Project Manager 2014, since 2008, the correlated PMO implementation failure rate has been over 50%.

What value do you put on Project Management? Many large organisations have moved towards PMs managing multiple projects with different delivery teams creating a new culture amongst the project management community. Juggling priorities becomes a key challenge.