Spain's Yapp launches m-commerce platform with mobile tech enabled by Monitise. Wisereach are proud to be part of the Monitise delivery team that made this happen.

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What value do you put on Project Management? Many large organisations have moved towards PMs managing multiple projects with different delivery teams creating a new culture amongst the project management community. Juggling priorities becomes a key challenge.

In the eighties and nineties a phrase was coined that summed up inertia in organizations attempting to design and implement business change. The phrase was ‘analysis paralysis’ and it came about following attempts to introduce standard methods and processes for designing systems.

Governance and change processes can often end up having the opposite affect to what was intended, stifling change, slowing projects down and increasing costs. But it always starts with the best intentions ...

Have you decided to go for an integrated IT solution to meet all of your needs, or are you picking and choosing the best the market can offer for each of your business areas? Both can provide great benefits - but there are many pitfalls to avoid whichever route you go.

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The Project or Programme Management Office (PMO) is there to support the smooth running of projects, communicate to management on progress and allow effective decisions to be made to mitigate against issues.

The PMO provides an essential service in an organisation running multiple projects, however, many often get caught up in their own processes and procedures and end up diverting projects from delivering through the need to meet PMO requirements.

Agile software delivery is becoming common practice in many organisations especially where customer demands are changing and speed to react is critical.

An Agile approach enables an organisation to focus on delivering solutions in small incremental chunks selected for the value each provides to the business. No longer are your requirements fixed at the outset of a project - they can flex to embrace change that is inevitable.

However, in an industry increasingly driven by regulation and control, is it practical to introduce Agile principles into financial organisations?

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