In my last article I shared some techniques for identifying and fixing problems that were getting in the way of your business agility. This is something every modern organisation needs to tackle if they want to remain competitive in our digital age.

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Managing technology change programmes can often feel like a ‘bloody trail of gangster revenge’. The 1971 film Get Carter describes Jack Carter’s (Michael Caine's) quest for vengeance as 'following a complex trail of lies, deceit, cover-ups and backhanders’. The pun-intended Kata learning technique that sits behind Toyota's Lean success provides a painless alternative for delivering programmes successfully in the dynamic digital era.

So you’ve trained up the team in Agile practices, sent your programme managers and architects on a scaled agile boot-camp and you’re ready to deliver your largest Agile programme.

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Spain's Yapp launches m-commerce platform with mobile tech enabled by Monitise. Wisereach are proud to be part of the Monitise delivery team that made this happen.

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