I’ve just started using Microsoft Planner. It’s a new online planning tool launched last month as part of Office365. It’s interesting that Microsoft have created such a tool given its investment in the bloated MS-Project. But is it something we should all be using instead?

Managing technology change programmes can often feel like a ‘bloody trail of gangster revenge’. The 1971 film Get Carter describes Jack Carter’s (Michael Caine's) quest for vengeance as 'following a complex trail of lies, deceit, cover-ups and backhanders’. The pun-intended Kata learning technique that sits behind Toyota's Lean success provides a painless alternative for delivering programmes successfully in the dynamic digital era.

Incredibly, 50% of project management offices close within 3 years (Association for Project Management) and according to Gartner Project Manager 2014, since 2008, the correlated PMO implementation failure rate has been over 50%.

Are you getting what you expected out of your outsourcing contract? ... and how do you know?

What value do you put on Project Management? Many large organisations have moved towards PMs managing multiple projects with different delivery teams creating a new culture amongst the project management community. Juggling priorities becomes a key challenge.

Our core business is the supply of expert knowledge and support to ‘blue chip’ companies in order to help them achieve their goals. Our customers know when they need help and we have worked with most for several years.


There is a view within organisations that knowledge management is all about the retention of knowledge within permanent employees. That whilst externals can bring in valuable new knowledge and skills the goal must be to have that knowledge under control and permanent resource is seen as the solution to this. But this often gives false comfort.


The largest challenge faced today when building software is reaching a shared understanding between stakeholder, tester and developer to make sure that the desired and most valuable functionality gets delivered quickly and efficiently.


To tackle this challenge head on, we promote and encourage the use of the Behaviour Driven Development approach.

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Whether we like it or not Social Media is wheedling its way into our personal and working life. Organisations are encouraged to embrace, exploit it, and even replicate it in internal collaboration projects; HR is struggling to keep up with it. Here are five good reasons why you need to establish a social media policy.

In the eighties and nineties a phrase was coined that summed up inertia in organizations attempting to design and implement business change. The phrase was ‘analysis paralysis’ and it came about following attempts to introduce standard methods and processes for designing systems.

Cloud computing is coming of age – it won’t be long before we’ll all be thinking how crazy it was to own and manage our own hardware platforms. Cloud computing plays to our ‘I want it now’ culture and provides us all with the flexibility to get the computing grunt we need when we need it.

Governance and change processes can often end up having the opposite affect to what was intended, stifling change, slowing projects down and increasing costs. But it always starts with the best intentions ...