Modern, digital business needs new training

The last training I had was a three-day negotiating skills course. It contained loads of really useful guidance and skills that I thought I could use in my job. But the reality was that 6 months later I had only used one or two of the techniques I learnt.

Sure, it was a great course, but my intent to apply all that I'd learnt soon diminished when real work got in the way! I keep planning to go back to the course material and dig out all those good tips, but I never find the time.

My experience of training has been to attend two to three courses a year to keep my skills fresh. But, this doesn't fit with the way I work now. I need something that gives me ideas, lets me try them and helps me learn. Small and incremental, not big up-front investment.

Most of us are striving to become modern, digital businesses. To do this we have invested in innovation, new ways of working and an environment to deliver incrementally better solutions for our customers. Those of us taking the agile route know that we need our teams to be self-organising, continuously adapting to change and looking for the next opportunity to improve.

If we are all on a journey of continuous, incremental improvement, why do we have training programmes that don't match? Having seen this mis-match in a number of large organisations, it got me thinking that there must be a better way to deliver training.

So, we came up with Modulearn, an incremental learning programme for modern businesses. It delivers, in bite-sized modules, the techniques needed to operate in a fast moving, innovative business. Just enough information to understand and apply the next day. I have also hand-picked great facilitators with real world experience of operating in large corporates and start-up environments to deliver the modules. I wanted to make sure the modules were practical, relevant and delivered with experience.

We've now been running our modules for a couple of years, and the response has been so positive. We've built in a feedback loop. Our facilitators return a few weeks later to do a retrospective to see techniques have been applied and provide further tips. It really does help embed the new ideas into participants real jobs. It is a great way to get learning to move from the classroom to the workplace.

So if you are planning your next round of training initiatives, take a look at the Modulearn approach. You'll get more people learning relevant techniques that don't just stay in the classroom but help you change your business incrementally.

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