Launchpad for AI - new course from Wisereach

There is an urgency to adopt AI to improve business efficiency and competitiveness. But a lack of knowledge and mis-understanding of the practicalities of developing AI solutions has led to failures and AI disillusionment. That's why Wisereach has worked with its clients to develp a short/sharp training programme to help teams accelerate their AI initiatives without burning funds unnecessarily or running into awkward failures.

How it works

Using our unique game based learning approach, Modulearn, our Launchpad for AI is a proven way to make learning stick. Designed to be delivered in four 3-hour modules that can be spread across a number of days and weeks in order to minimise impact to your team schedules. AI Launchpad modules will epuip your teams with insights into the latest AI products and how they work. You will learn and practice experimentation and decision making and train your own AI solution.

Module 1. AI for Humans

Introducing AI tools and how we interact and get value from them. Featuring our unique AI 'Picture This' game.

Module 2. AI Experimenter

Learn about the value of a scientific approach to experimentation and how it can transform your AI adoption in our 'Big Bang' lab.

Module 3. AI Solution Finder

Introducing AI-EMA, a framework for building and managing AI solutions. In this session you will train you own AI solution with our 'AI Supermarket Sweep' training game

Module 4. AI Decision Maker

Learn how to make effective decisions in a fast-moving landscape, featuring 'Clueless', a fun decision-making game.

Who should attend

Technology leaders and their teams who can see the potential of AI for optimising their business, and who are looking to accelerate AI adoption and benefit realisation.

What you will learn

By the end of the four sessions you will:

  • Have a greater understanding of how to implement robust AI solutions
  • Have a framework in which to operate in an experimental but controlled way to develop your AI solutions
  • Be able to express the benefits of an experimental approach to your business users and colleagues
  • Know how to make better and faster decisions in a fast-changing environment
  • Have a plan for your next AI experiment

To find aout more about AI Launchpad use this link to contact us