One of our test specialist, Tahseen Syed,  considers how traditional testing skills can add value in an Agile development environment

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John shares his experiences of plodding corporate governance stifling Agile benefits

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We hear much talk about Agile and agile techniques, but how much is it practiced in the real world? Is it still just a fad, another set of buzz-words, or can it really be taken as the right approach to software delivery.
Published in Agile & Lean

Agile software delivery is becoming common practice in many organisations especially where customer demands are changing and speed to react is critical.

An Agile approach enables an organisation to focus on delivering solutions in small incremental chunks selected for the value each provides to the business. No longer are your requirements fixed at the outset of a project - they can flex to embrace change that is inevitable.

However, in an industry increasingly driven by regulation and control, is it practical to introduce Agile principles into financial organisations?

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