How to make Pokemon Go a commercial success

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After a huge surge in their share price, Nintendo issued a profit warning today! Turns out they haven’t seen how to make their new sensation a commercial hit too. What an amazing missed opportunity. But, if Nintendo are not going to do it, let me tell you how you can.

If you are working anywhere in digital business you should know about the concept of Lean Startup. The concept is simple. Get something in the market quickly. Find your customers. Learn about what they do. Repeat. With all the publicity that is surrounding Pokemon Go, it doesn’t take much effort to do that, even if you are not Nintendo.


So what can we learn from the launch? There are millions of people out there who are happy to keep location services enabled on their smartphone, even carry a charger with them, if the app they are using is compelling enough. It’s fun and engaging to mix the real world with augmented reality. You can make people go places they were not intending to. A ‘buzz’ in your pocket can really draw your attention.


Do you think you could use any of these simple learning points?


Even without the huge volumes of usage data that I’m sure Nintendo are collecting, you can see how these simple learnings can help you decide a next step for engaging with your own customers.


  • Is there a way to get Pokemon Go players walking into your coffee shop?
  • What if you knew when a regular customer of yours walked near your store?
  • What if your next event has a mobile gaming element to enhance the experience?

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There are currently only a few really good examples of utilising the location capabilities of our phones. Book my nearest Premier Inn saw a huge increase in late city hotel bookings. Find a docking station for my Boris Bike in London is invaluable. But even these are not engaging with us in the way Pokemon Go does.


I believe this technology can revolutionise the way you engage with your customer base. That’s why we’re creating a platform to help you do just that. Take a look at We’d love to hear what you think.


You may not know how location is going to deliver you benefits. But you know it is a great new way to engage with millions of users. Think like your customer, come up with some ideas and get out there and test it.

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