Liven up your meetings

Written by  Jennifer Oxley
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You don't need to be a professional facilitator to carry a few colourful items in your briefcase that make your meetings and presentations more interactive and effective.

Here are just a few of the things our consultants carry in their Facilitator Kits:

  • Giant Sticky Notes in various shapes and sizes – great for capturing requirements, planning and creating flow charts and allowing you to use the walls or windows of the room as well as a flipchart or whiteboard
  • Pack of pens and pencils – don't let participants waste any time digging in their bags for pens
  • Whiteboard pens – the ones in conference rooms tend to run out at the most inconvenient time
  • Magic Whiteboard ™ sheets – very useful for group work or if you need extra space, plus you can take all this information back to the office
  • Sticky Dots in red, yellow and green – good for prioritising requirements and actions or for voting
  • Index Cards – can be used for User Stories and brainstorming or for gathering individual opinions
  • Whiteboard cleaner and cloth – very frustrating if there isn't one in the meeting room
  • Low tack Masking Tape – useful for creating cause and effect diagrams, pipelines, timelines or even just for sticking paper charts to walls
  • Also, use your smartphone with digital camera for capturing the data collected and stopwatch/timer apps for timed activities