Warning - you are only two taps away from losing your best customers

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Mike the Digital Retail Director congratulates the marketing team. And quite rightly so as they just had 1 million downloads of the new app. He knew mobile was the future of customer engagement and he's been proven right. Browsing is up, sales are up and he's got the budget needed for Phase 2.

Mike invites the web agency in again to understand how he can leverage the great customer relationship channel they have created. Targeted Marketing is the reply.


Profile your customers and target them with the great web offers you already have, they said. After all, those mail campaigns have brought you business in the past.


Push messaging is what you need. It's the new eMail for mobile.


Phase 2 went in within six weeks. Another great delivery. But two weeks later something unexpected started to happen. Mobile users started to turn off. It was all going so well, but week after week another 10,000 customers were no longer using the app.


They had deleted it from their handset. It wasn't so much of a problem with eMail campaigns. Most people ignored the irrelevant ones along with all the other marketing mails in their inbox and didn't read it long enough to see the unsubscribe link. 


But the constant beeping of the phone was too much. "What do I want with a garden fork at 7.30am while eating breakfast? Even if it is 20% off" said one customer in a feedback note.

delete app 2


The message: applying your marketing strategy to mobile needs a more considered understanding of your customer. Every marketing campaign needs careful thought. You need to worry as much about customers who don't want an offer as those that do. 5% conversion rate on an eMail campaign may be good, but getting it wrong for 95% of your mobile customers is near on disaster - do it 3 times and that's it. App deleted, relationship gone.


Mobile is a personal device. If you want to use it to connect with your customers you need to do it on their terms.

You may think the answer is to profile your customers better. Improve the data you hold on them to provide better targeting. But this is wrong.


We focus on time and place

Our approach is not to ask customers for intimate details about their lifestyle. Collecting personal data is intrusive, annoying and typically wrong or out of date.


We start with two simple factors. Time and Place. We then use our management tools to help you deliver the right offers to the right people when and where they want them.


Our cloud-based toolkit called Engagepoint allows you and your team to manage your mobile customer engagement in real time. At scale. Stop taking a web approach to mobile and engage with your customers right in the middle of their journey to purchase.


Engagepoint time and place

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about how our knowledge and platform can help you before it's too late. That delete is only two taps away....


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