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The world is ever changing, as is the Enterprise. The influx of Social Media tools such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter has dramatically changed our lives, enabling people to talk quite openly about anything and everything. Suddenly, anyone can be heard and acknowledged anywhere in the world simply by posting a message or picture through these services.


Some of those people are your customers or potential customers, and some of the conversations are about your company and about your product.


These conversations can be a rich source of product requirements. If you listen and react, you stand to improve your product and your internal/external customers’ satisfaction. Social Media can help you listen. Agile Product Development can help you react.


Customers use these public and company forums to seek help and share information. Using Social Media Monitoring techniques and Social Analytics allow you to extract requirements or respond to urgent issues resulting from these conversations. Agile Product Management processes can then pick these up and feed them directly into the product development life cycle. These techniques can also be applied to other Social Media channels such as micro blogs and social networks.

Social Media can also be used to elicit product requirements more directly via the use of “Idea Exchanges” that can help gather features and functionality by asking customers to submit and rank them. Taking this further and “crowdsourcing” (getting large online communities to provide ideas and solutions which the “crowd” then vets) can provide companies with a very low cost alternative to traditional approaches such as using focus groups to assess new ideas and solutions.


Implementing a successful Social Media strategy requires a long-term commitment, so ensure that you blog and tweet frequently, monitor your channels and respond to as many questions and enquiries as you possibly can.


Engaging with your customers through social media is a MUST.


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