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Peter Weare

Industry leader in digital transformation. Passionate about delivering a frictionless consumer  experience. Regular commenter on getting delivery right.

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Traditional digital marketing campaigns are becoming ineffective. Many see the answer is to target customers better – but this is difficult, expensive to do and often doesn't work.

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of a major re-brand for Wisereach. As we grow, we need a brand that better reflects our style and company values - a clean and fresh style and a design that will showcase how our clients use our Change, Project and Technology services.

Digital social networking is influencing all of us. With the increasing adoption of social networking into our personal lives we are now seeing a shift in the way in which collaboration tools are used within organisations. While previously the focus has been on file sharing there is now emerging a greater emphasis on networking – becoming known as Enterprise Social Networking.

The world is ever changing, as is the Enterprise. The influx of Social Media tools such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter has dramatically changed our lives, enabling people to talk quite openly about anything and everything. Suddenly, anyone can be heard and acknowledged anywhere in the world simply by posting a message or picture through these services.


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Whether we like it or not Social Media is wheedling its way into our personal and working life. Organisations are encouraged to embrace, exploit it, and even replicate it in internal collaboration projects; HR is struggling to keep up with it. Here are five good reasons why you need to establish a social media policy.

We hear much talk about Agile and agile techniques, but how much is it practiced in the real world? Is it still just a fad, another set of buzz-words, or can it really be taken as the right approach to software delivery.

Cloud computing is coming of age – it won’t be long before we’ll all be thinking how crazy it was to own and manage our own hardware platforms. Cloud computing plays to our ‘I want it now’ culture and provides us all with the flexibility to get the computing grunt we need when we need it.

Sharepoint is steadily becoming the defacto standard collaboration tool in most organisations. And why not? It's a toolset targeted at collaboration and has many features designed to make the storage, management and access of all types of information easy. The base platform is even given away free by Microsoft if you are already using Exchange mail.

The advantage of adopting Acord message standards is the potential to develop STP (straight through processing) with business partners from around the world.  STP reduces the amount of manual checking and reconciliation that is required and will eliminate the need for rekeying and the errors that this brings.  But is now the time to upgrade?  We think it is.

Whilst the final requirements are still unknown, it is expected that Solvency II will require a more detailed view of an organisation’s data with previously aggregated information being demanded at a more granular level.  New data items not previously captured are likely to be required and the reporting of data is expected to have shorter timescales and increased frequency.

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