John Prideaux

John Prideaux

Leading Digital Consulting at Wisereach

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Agile development focuses on only doing work that helps directly to deliver a software product. Central to the philosophy of this approach is maximising work not done. This translates into: not having to create documents just for the sake of compliance and governance.

Effective Teams Golden Rule 1: Start off on the right foot

Many teams are not effective as they are merely a bunch of people with individual skills brought together. If all of your team don’t have the same understanding of where your project is going from the start, they’ll remain as individuals just working in the same room. Make sure your team has a common understanding of what the project is doing and how their contribution will help get there.

Getting Your Technology Right Golden Rule 1: Ask the supplier to prove the technology works

If the supplier can’t show you the same technology working at another client, then you need to be careful about what you are committing to. It may sound like a small upgrade, but IT systems invariably take much longer to stabalise than anyone predicts. You need to avoid turning into the supplier's test environment.

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