Integrated Solutions or Best of Breed

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Have you decided to go for an integrated IT solution to meet all of your needs, or are you picking and choosing the best the market can offer for each of your business areas? Both can provide great benefits - but there are many pitfalls to avoid whichever route you go.

Historically a fully integrated administration system was the panacea of many insurance organisations.  However in more recent times there has been a move away from integrated solutions towards multiple best of breed implementations.  However this brings with it a particular type of integration problem especially if dealing with multiple application vendors and implementation partners; in such cases the key to success is support and communication and this requires a special type of project management resource.

Wisereach have considerable experience of vendor and implementation management and because we are not tied to any particular software vendor we can offer truly independent advice to ensure that you get the best possible results.

We have put together a top-ten list of questions you should be asking your supplier, why not download them from our free download area here

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John Prideaux

Leading Digital Consulting at Wisereach

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