The last training I had was a three-day negotiating skills course. It contained loads of really useful guidance and skills that I thought I could use in my job. But the reality was that 6 months later I had only used one or two of the techniques I learnt.

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Traditional wisdom tells us that you have to create the right environment for learning. Leafy off-sites are favoured with the aim to get people ‘away from the office’ and free from distractions. But in the age of smartphones and digital collaboration, people are never away from work. Trainers struggle to keep their delegates focused. The only talking you hear in coffee breaks is the chatter of mobile phone conversations. Classes are only partially filled as they re-start. And as the day wears on, the yawns get longer and louder. For courses longer than a day there’s the additional problem of morning hangovers and post-breakfast energy crash!

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