Agile development focuses on only doing work that helps directly to deliver a software product. Central to the philosophy of this approach is maximising work not done. This translates into: not having to create documents just for the sake of compliance and governance.

Wisereach is currently engaged in helping its clients embed and rollout Agile delivery methods across their organisations, helping them create competitive advantage and controlling costs.

We focus on helping to change the culture and behaviours in large corporations where the governance and finance models often hamper the introduction of more flexible and fast moving delivery models. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how an Agile approach can introduce efficiencies into your organisation.

If you were unable to attend our recent Breakfast Briefing on introducing Agile into your organisation you can download the briefing sides from here 

Wisereach has been a member of the DSDM consortium (the industry standard for Agile Delivery) since 2006. We help our clients deliver IT solutions using Agile techniques, and importantly, wrap the necessary project controls and governance around the Agile 'core'.

Our Agile framework Launchpad provides clients with an Agile delivery model tailored to their needs including governance, method and organisation design.

DSDM Consortium Licensed ResellerAgile Alliance Corporate Member

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