Agile survey results show consistency in business benefits achieved

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The 10th Annual Agile Survey results are in. It’s amazing that the survey has been going for 10 years. Over 3,800 respondents in the survey this year really shows that interest continues  and successful Agile delivery remains high on the agenda for many.

There are some consistent results, for example, the top three cited benefits of Agile still remain:

  • Ability to manage changing priorities
  • Increased team productivity
  • Improved project visibility.

So, while some of the techniques and tools change the real reason for embracing Agile remains flexibility, productivity and visibility – three things that make sense in anything we do for our business, not just the way software should be delivered.


I see this consistency as a level of maturity for Agile. It has really come of age and something that many larger organisations want to succeed at. Who wouldn’t want flexibility, productivity and visibility? It just makes common sense to build technology solutions in this way in our digital world.


An increasing number of respondents are in software organisations of more than 1,000 people. But if you are a large organisation it takes a lot to steer the big ship in a different direction.


The survey results show that company culture and lack of management support are two of the top three reasons why Agile benefits get restricted. Which is interesting, as leaders need to drive any change in an organisation for it to be a success. There’s no doubt Agile works, but you need to make sure all your leadership team understand why it works and buy in to the mindset. It’s not just about learning new software delivery techniques. Those techniques can be easily trained and experience gained, but a culture change needs strong leadership and passion.


The results of the survey can be found in our download area here.


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