We are excited to announce that we are in the process of a major re-brand for Wisereach. As we grow, we need a brand that better reflects our style and company values - a clean and fresh style and a design that will showcase how our clients use our Change, Project and Technology services.

Wisereach has been growing steadily each year since we started in 2005. During this period we have been amazed by the variety of work that we have performed for our clients, and the sectors that we have operated in. What has become clear is that clients are increasingly becoming more specific in their requests for support. If clients want assistance in Project Management they want experts with deep knowledge and track record to match.

It wasn't without some trepidation that I set forth to Lee Valley Park to try out the Olympic white water venue. But surely they would set it to 'easy' or 'medium' flow before they send novices down the raging torrent in a rubber dinghy? It reminded me of starting a new project, exciting but with lots of uncertainty ahead. But you know you'll get through to the end somehow!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in the heart of the City of London. Our office offers a great working environment for our staff and provides excellent, flexible meeting room facilities where we can host meetings and workshops for our clients.

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