Meet the Team: Regina Tambirasa

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Regina is a full time Senior Consultant at Wisereach. She is always in high demand by our clients. We caught up with her just after she came back from a wonderful holiday to Vietnam & Cambodia:




Your holiday sounds fabulous. What made you travel out there?
"I've always wanted to travel to Asia and my twin sister is currently living in East Asia, so it was a chance to see a part of the world (Southeast Asia) whilst spending time with my family."


Who has been the greatest influence on your professional life?
"A number of people within my working career have influenced me professionally, rather than just one person. The outcomes have been both positive and negative and this has helped mould me into the person I am today."


Once you are on site, our clients like to keep hold of you, so what do you think is the greatest value you offer them?
"I build trust with my manager and the people working with me. They can rely on me to support them, deliver what is needed for the company and they can leave me to get on and do my job."


What would be the best compliment you could be paid on your work?
"That I have left a lasting legacy, the work that I do and how I interact with the team has filtered all the way down and helped people grow in their work life."


When you have a tough day ahead are you a "Sprouts First" person?
Definitely. I always tackle the hardest stuff first even if I don't want to do it. Otherwise it wouldn't get done. On a side note I actually like sprouts!


What do you enjoy about your role?
"I've always liked a challenge and pushing myself professionally. Having the ability to come onto a client site and make a difference to the people I work with is very rewarding."