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Focus on our client work

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Wisereach have had a very busy period over the last 6 Months. We have worked for 8 clients in the period, all of whom are blue chip organisations. This has been a remarkable achievement for a company of our size. It shows that clients value expert advice, known people, quality of service and trusted relationships above the pure size of an organisation.  A fact that business owners consistently recognize yet procurement managers find hard to understand.

In 2012 we have been operating an average of 15 to 20 specialists working with our clients, aligned in our three key offerings of Technology, Business Change and Projects.


In terms of market sectors, we have continued to develop our Capital Market business with 3 key clients at the moment.

We believe that we offer our Capital Market clients access to some of the most expert figures in the industry. This capability has been steadfastly built through developing trusted relationships with key associates over the last ten years.


The variety of our work provides continued challenge and excitement and ranges from our clients benefitting from our leading expertise in Warrant and delivery systems and processes, through to helping to design complete new products and business processes.


We have exciting plans in the Capital Market arena for 2013, in particular for an alliance with a third party, really leveraging and building on our industry leading expertise in Warrant and Trade Finance.


Mobile Money is also a strong focus for Wisereach and 2012 has seen huge advances in this exciting market. We currently have a team working at Montise - a key player in the mobile money market. Our successes this year include helping Monitse launch the first Mobile Personal Payment solution in collaboration with Visa Europe, leading an ITIL based operational transformation and moving all staff to a centralised head office in the heart of London.

Our Technology business has been building capability and we are proud to have been associated with helping EE and their Orange Brand, an organisation that shares our attraction to innovation.


Mobile products are fast moving with handsets and data sales needing a first rate combination of marketing, packaging and ecommerce skills. 


We are proud to be having a key role in helping EE achieve its’ aims and the link below is an example of where we have been able to help.


Our latest client is a household name food manufacturer where Wisereach Project Specialists has established a Programme Office and has taken the leading role in managing a major transformation programme. This is the first time we have worked in the retail supply chain sector – but it shows that insightful clients really do value people and process.


One of our most loyal clients recently shared with us the difficulties of getting the right people. Indeed, the people who look the best on paper often are the worst fit. As she noted, “just because you see skills a, b and c on a CV doesn’t mean that they succeeded in doing a, b and c well. You are often better getting someone who can demonstrate proven expertise in d”.  While this is not a view that we completely agree with, we do understand how easy it is to employ people who look great on paper but do not perform well for the organisation.

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