Big changes for Wisereach

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Wisereach has been growing steadily each year since we started in 2005. During this period we have been amazed by the variety of work that we have performed for our clients, and the sectors that we have operated in. What has become clear is that clients are increasingly becoming more specific in their requests for support. If clients want assistance in Project Management they want experts with deep knowledge and track record to match.


To rise to this challenge, and taking account of the growth we have achieved over the last few years, we have decided to re-organise Wisereach with the launch of three entirely new 'practices' specialising in Change, Projects and Technology.

Wisereach Change Specialists will work with blue chip organisations to deliver change initiatives. Spanning both business and IT, our specialist will apply their deep industry knowledge and experience to help in thinking, shaping and driving change.

Wisereach Project Specialists headed by the latest recruit to the management team, Andy Welch, will provide expertise in programme and project management, governance, PMO and delivery assurance.

Wisereach Technology Specialists will provide flexible and novel technology solutions for our clients. We are already providing software solution support on site to a number of clients and have plans to build a strong, cost-effective solution capability based out of our Arundel offices. We have also appointed another new member of the team, Russell Ward, as Head of Software Development.

The best of luck to Andy and Russell in rising to the exciting opportunities ahead.