Digital Capability Matrix

Where is your organisation?

digital is not just technology

it is how technology is changing the conditions under which business is done

to compete in the digital economy, you need to be an adaptable business

use our capability matrix to get a quick assessment of your organisation's adaptability type

For these functions...

  • Chess Piece


    Setting the direction
  • Backlog


    Defining the needs
  • Tick


    Creating new things
  • Cogs


    Running the business
  • does your business operate?

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    Choose the statement in each row that best reflects your organisation

    1. Chess Piece
    2. Backlog
    3. Tick
    4. Cogs

    do your selections match your organisation?

    Organisation types based on McKinsey research 'Three dimensions of growth in the digital age'
    Please make a selection in every row

    Where to next?

  • Want to know more?

    This is the first level of the Wisereach digital capability matrix. Why not get in touch to perform a more comprehensive assessment across your organisation? We can help you view your organisation with three lenses:

    Board Lens Understand your board members' drivers and need for digital change

    Management Lens Gain a management view of how your organisation adapts

    Team Lens Understand your team's adaptive behaviours

    Compare these views with where you want to be and create an incremental action plan to get there.

  • Ready for change?

    Wisereach help you change your organisation across three areas:

    Optimising Governance From the board room to the operations room. Optimising your governance to match the pace of digital.

    Instilling the right culture Creating a culture of adaptabilty, empowering your people to experiment and innovate.

    Focusing on value creation Helping your teams change focus from project delivery to customer value creation.

    Get in touch to find out how we work together with your teams to create your future adaptive organisation.