Project tools and techniques


We don’t believe in a Gannt chart driven approach to project management, but it’s always in the toolkit for certain tasks. We believe in using tools where appropriate to manage large engagements or to drive communications.

We’ve developed a starting point toolkit for project and programme management covering resource actual/forecast, change control and progress reporting. We can introduce these tools to you to complement your existing project toolkit.

In addition to the Wisereach toolkit, below some of the typical commercially available tools we use on projects and programmes.

wisereach toolkit




Used with many of our clients, Basecamp is an easy to introduce and lightweight tool that facilitates project communication across multiple external parties.



Mostly aimed at software development communities Jira requires quite a bit of commitment to introduce. We’ve linked Jira to the development management processes required for a major client with great success, giving them visibility of their demand/supply situation for the first time.


group of planning tools

Planning Tools


Of course our teams are skilled in Microsoft Project. But we are not slaves to it, and neither should you be. We work with your planning tools, but use them just for the planning process - and never to communicate to stakeholders.


Wisereach use and recommend VersionOne

VersionOne is a project management tool specifically designed for Lean and Agile projects. Our own teams use VersionOne to support the delivery of single Agile projects through to complex multi-project programmes. Wisereach are pleased to be European partners of VersionOne and we would be happy to discuss with you the value VersionOne could bring to your organisation - we think you should gain the benefits too. Find out more about VersionOne  here

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