Our approach to projects

Organisations we work with have different levels of maturity regarding adoption of methods, often with no universally applied approach.

We believe the best approach is to bring a working knowledge of a range of techniques and apply those that bring the best results in a specific assignment

We utilise formal methods where they add value

The majority of our people are PRINCE certified, however unless an organisation has formally adopted it we find it’s best to take some of the key principles and apply a lite version if there’s an absence of method. Used in this way, we find it’s suitable for the more straightforward and small types of projects.

Kata PMO
We cut out the fat to help you focus on key decision making

Standard PMO methods are rather heavy on the bureaucracy and have a way of spawning reports for PMs to complete that no-one reads. We believe there’s a results-driven lightweight approach to a PMO that relies less on prescriptive method and more on experienced and smart people engaging effectively with PMs and senior stakeeholders. This approach has been applied several times so we now have our own internal toolkit to bring to a new PMO.

We enable Agile to thrive in your orgaisation

Our clients often adopt an Agile approach to technical development, something which can be hard to match with a large organisation’s corporate governance. We’ve helped organisations to embed Agile within their governance framework, something which is starting to be recognised as a standard problem. Wisereach is an active member of the Agile Alliance and DSDM, where we bring our real world experience to the standards debate.