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Successful projects aren’t driven by a methodology and a Gantt chart. Yes you need to know about the standard techniques and when to use the specialist tools, but in our experience successful projects link senior stakeholders with delivery teams through clear communication.

Complex programmes often have multiple stakeholders, clear aims but short on details and the need to mobilise and steer a team to deliver something new and challenging.

To navigate this challenge there’s a clear lifecycle which needs to be adapted to the specific situation and the organisation’s existing ways of working, tools and culture.



Establish the key parameters, what really defines success, what are the known issues and how do you effectively drive resources, partners and stakeholders.


Build a project team, make sure everyone is clear what they are doing and signs up to a viable set of tasks and milestones. Set up an effective governance structure to manage escalations.


Workstream reporting with a purpose. Make sure that plans are followed, issues or slippage are tackled at the level that can fix problems. Ensure senior stakeholders have the true picture at all times.


Ensure that early deliverables are fit for purpose as these are the building blocks for subsequent work. Have tough, objective reviews of progress to ensure you stay on track.





Our project professionals bring years of experience with the ability to hit the ground running in complex environments.

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Familiar with industry standard methods to project management we adapt them to work in a specific environment.

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We’ve developed standard tools, reports and templates that have been proven to work in many organisations..

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