Our approach to technology

Our approach to delivering technology focuses on one thing: Delivering you the right solution.

You'll love our collaborative approach which means we simpy deliver what is needed.

We can acheive more by talking

Our process is centred around regular collaboration. Software delivery is an iterative process with everyone's understanding improving through the process. Our techniques help uncover requirements, share understanding and ultimately build better solutions.

Human Centred Design
We help you think like your users

We help you look at things from a user point of view.  We call it designing from the user experience inwards. The method means solutions are optimised for what they are designed to do, not a slave to the underlying technology.

Behaviour Driven Development
We help you describe what you need

Requirements definition is the most critical part of the software delivery process. We don't ask you to go away and write huge, detailed requirements documents. We work together using techniques that help us both understand how the solution is to be used and how best to deliver it.

Delivered with agility
We don't just talk Agile

We've been doing Agile delivery since it's inception. We know when it works and when it doesn't. Our approach is to assess the enviornment, look to apply Agile techniques and quickly determine the optimum delivery approach for you. If it's software delivery we'll make it work.

Based on firm foundations
Our architecture framworks deliver solutions for the future

We don't re-invent but re-use best practice. Our understanding of the current technology landscape means we can quickly assess your needs and identify the technology platform that's right for you.

Deliver regular value
Fast, Iterative, Live

We don't see the point of software on the shelf. Our objective is to get live, working software available as soon as possible and then to provide regular, incremental drops of value-added functionality. If your software isn't live then it's not providing you benefit.