Change tools and techniques


Our change tools and techniques are based around Kata - the next generation of Lean thinking. Our change teams select the tools and techniques that work best in your organisation and help you achieve the right results.

Below are some of the things we use.

wisereach toolkit

kata learning

Kata Learning

The next generation of Lean thinking. We enable your teams to identify and solve problems for themselves. Setting targets. Performing experiments and learning more. The way to implement change and make it stick.


Flow Analysis

To speed up sometimes you need to slow down. Our technique helps you understand how work flows through your business and where there are bottlenecks. We help you eliminate those blocks and increase your value delivery. More output faster.

flow rocks

model office

Model Office

Want to know how your new model will work in reality? We can set up a model office to simulate your new world. This is usually a physical office where a selection of your staff can start working in the new way. Taking staff away from their normal working environment helps them think differently about the future.


Process Prototyping

We don’t restrict prototyping to software. We have techniques to walk you and your team through your future processes before they are implemented. It’s the only way to spot inefficiencies and gaps.

process prototype



Used with many of our clients, Basecamp is an easy to introduce and lightweight tool that facilitates project communication across multiple external parties.



We love to use Google tools to help the whole team collaborate. We often use Google Sites to drive the communication plan across the organisation.