Our approach to change management

We don't do change for you - we do change with you. We can build a change programme that gives you confidence, engages your team and delivers results throughout the change process and long after we have left.

The right change team
Get the right skills in the team to make the change

Delivering change is complex and needs a team who understand how to deliver change. A combination of subject matter experts and change specialists provides the best team mix.

Plan the change
Produce a realistic change plan from the start

Spending time up-front time to build a realistic change plan enables the right foundations to be set and ensures your workstreams fit together towards a common goal.

Manage workstream dependencies
Focus on dependencies

Change initiatives are complex mult-stream programmes. In addition to strong workstream leadership we ensure dependencies are monitored across the programme at the highest level allowing workstreams to focus on delivery.

Keep information flowing
Collective communication

Communication is a collective responsibility of the whole change team - not one individual. We ensure the right communication mechanisms are in place to enable the whole change team to engage with stakeholders easily.

Regular, achievable goals
A plan with regular milestones keeps things on track

Regular, productive deliverables throughout the change programme keeps everyone engaged in the programme and avoids risking everything to the end.

Be open to new ideas
A great opportunity to bring in fresh thinking

A change programme is a great time to bring in new thinking and new ways of working that you may not normally be willing to change, but can provide a step-change in the effectiveness of your organisation.