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What value do you put on Project Management? Many large organisations have moved towards PMs managing multiple projects with different delivery teams creating a new culture amongst the project management community. Juggling priorities becomes a key challenge.


The largest challenge faced today when building software is reaching a shared understanding between stakeholder, tester and developer to make sure that the desired and most valuable functionality gets delivered quickly and efficiently.


To tackle this challenge head on, we promote and encourage the use of the Behaviour Driven Development approach.

It wasn't without some trepidation that I set forth to Lee Valley Park to try out the Olympic white water venue. But surely they would set it to 'easy' or 'medium' flow before they send novices down the raging torrent in a rubber dinghy? It reminded me of starting a new project, exciting but with lots of uncertainty ahead. But you know you'll get through to the end somehow!

Governance and change processes can often end up having the opposite affect to what was intended, stifling change, slowing projects down and increasing costs. But it always starts with the best intentions ...

The downturn has led to an increase in IT projects in large financial organisations. This has been caused partly through the spate of emergency mergers and acquisitions and because in the long term, technology consolidation and automation ultimately drives down operational costs – as ever the focus of organisations struggling to make a profit.

With Agile becoming increasingly adopted as a key approach to deliver the right solution more quickly you may be thinking seriously about starting your first Agile project.

You may have already chosen your preferred Agile method and are keen to get started on reaping the benefits Agile has to offer. However, how can you ensure your project is going to be as successful as you think?

Agile development focuses on only doing work that helps directly to deliver a software product. Central to the philosophy of this approach is maximising work not done. This translates into: not having to create documents just for the sake of compliance and governance.

Effective Teams Golden Rule 1: Start off on the right foot

Many teams are not effective as they are merely a bunch of people with individual skills brought together. If all of your team don’t have the same understanding of where your project is going from the start, they’ll remain as individuals just working in the same room. Make sure your team has a common understanding of what the project is doing and how their contribution will help get there.

Getting Your Technology Right Golden Rule 1: Ask the supplier to prove the technology works

If the supplier can’t show you the same technology working at another client, then you need to be careful about what you are committing to. It may sound like a small upgrade, but IT systems invariably take much longer to stabalise than anyone predicts. You need to avoid turning into the supplier's test environment.

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