Brian Browne

Brian Browne

Business Development Director and Capital Markets specialist, Wisereach

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You’re a consultant and find yourself on an overseas assignment. What could go wrong? Quite a bit! Here are my three simple suggestions to help make the assignment go a little better.

Kynetix, a global leader in specialist technology solutions for processing exchange-traded commodities and physical deliveries, today announced a partnership with a leading independent commodities and derivatives consultancy, Wisereach Business Solutions, to offer clients a complete end-to-end service.

In our work we often have to help clients in recruiting for either project or operational resources. One thing that a consulting background has instilled in us is the need to recruit the person rather than recruit the skill.  But surely, a ‘good’ CV helps to identify a good candidate for a particular role? In fact our experience from helping to recruit many permanent and contract staff is quite the opposite. CVs that demonstrate a large list of very relevant skills often are not what they seem.

Are you getting what you expected out of your outsourcing contract? ... and how do you know?

One of our test specialist, Tahseen Syed,  considers how traditional testing skills can add value in an Agile development environment

Our core business is the supply of expert knowledge and support to ‘blue chip’ companies in order to help them achieve their goals. Our customers know when they need help and we have worked with most for several years.


There is a view within organisations that knowledge management is all about the retention of knowledge within permanent employees. That whilst externals can bring in valuable new knowledge and skills the goal must be to have that knowledge under control and permanent resource is seen as the solution to this. But this often gives false comfort.

There is no doubt that Solvency II is making a huge impact on the Insurance Market in terms of demand for specialist resources, system and data improvements and changes to capital requirements but just how well are the preparations for compliance progressing?

Have you decided to go for an integrated IT solution to meet all of your needs, or are you picking and choosing the best the market can offer for each of your business areas? Both can provide great benefits - but there are many pitfalls to avoid whichever route you go.

Agile software delivery is becoming common practice in many organisations especially where customer demands are changing and speed to react is critical.

An Agile approach enables an organisation to focus on delivering solutions in small incremental chunks selected for the value each provides to the business. No longer are your requirements fixed at the outset of a project - they can flex to embrace change that is inevitable.

However, in an industry increasingly driven by regulation and control, is it practical to introduce Agile principles into financial organisations?

Business Engagement Golden Rule 1: Engage with the unsung heros – the real users

Primary Stakeholders are usually individuals who represent an area or department such as HR or Marketing. Although they may be influential they may not be aware of the practical problems that are being tackled and overcome on a daily basis by the ‘coal-face’ staff. Battle your way through to get access to those unsung heros.