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Peter Weare

Industry leader in mobile location. Passionate about delivering a frictionless consumer mobile experience. Regular commenter on getting delivery right.

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So you’ve trained up the team in Agile practices, sent your programme managers and architects on a scaled agile boot-camp and you’re ready to deliver your largest Agile programme.

Are you one of the many large organisations trying to get Agile to work but just can't seem to make it scale?


Black Friday is an American tradition that UK retailers have jumped on this year. It’s a great new ‘event’ to create marketing buzz and get us spending on the high street and online.


But something went very wrong...


2014 provided us with a plethora of statistics and colourful diagrams explaining that Internet usage via the mobile phone was, as expected, on the rise. Proponents of the mobile website discussed its benefits and the popularity of responsive design, and how it cost less than developing dedicated apps. Google - with a 67% share of the browser market - announced that it would recommend responsive design configurations. Flurry Analytics - owned by Yahoo – stated, on the other hand, that native apps were increasing their domination of the mobile web, surpassing the direct smartphone web usage by a massive 68%.

David and Julia are excited that Glastonbury has finally come around. The walk from the station was long enough, but now the crowds are gathering and there's a lot of people waiting to get through the gates.


Mike the Digital Retail Director congratulates the marketing team. And quite rightly so as they just had 1 million downloads of the new app. He knew mobile was the future of customer engagement and he's been proven right. Browsing is up, sales are up and he's got the budget needed for Phase 2.

Traditional digital marketing campaigns are becoming ineffective. Many see the answer is to target customers better – but this is difficult, expensive to do and often doesn't work.

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of a major re-brand for Wisereach. As we grow, we need a brand that better reflects our style and company values - a clean and fresh style and a design that will showcase how our clients use our Change, Project and Technology services.

Digital social networking is influencing all of us. With the increasing adoption of social networking into our personal lives we are now seeing a shift in the way in which collaboration tools are used within organisations. While previously the focus has been on file sharing there is now emerging a greater emphasis on networking – becoming known as Enterprise Social Networking.

The world is ever changing, as is the Enterprise. The influx of Social Media tools such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter has dramatically changed our lives, enabling people to talk quite openly about anything and everything. Suddenly, anyone can be heard and acknowledged anywhere in the world simply by posting a message or picture through these services.

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